Centering of canals

Most of these are slides from 15 years ago. Centering is another term I first heard from Cliff Ruddle. We can use Centering as a tool to find canals. The slides are self-explanatory.

Funky premolars

Endo and crowns were done by a general practitioner, after which the patient developed pain and tenderness. I Re-treated both teeth and placed fiber posts to strengthen the hollowed out coronal portion.

Deep Pulp Chamber

This was a case where there was a large cervical caries leading to pulpitis. The pulp chamber was calcified and the floor was quite deep. Fortunately, the microscope makes these cases a bit more predictable.

Middle Mesial Redux + article

This is a garden variety middle-mesial canal i tretaed in 2009. The crown done by the referral was a bummer. Patient came back a year later with discomfort. The periapical lesion had healed, but the crown had an open margin leading to food impaction. I suggested changing the crown. Liviu Steier requested that I convert […]

Middle-Mesial canal

This was an old case i discovered on my comp. I treated this case in 2006. It is probably a good case to demonstrate the location of the middle mesial canal.Strangely, the first thing that I thought when I saw this case today was, “Did this really benefit the patient? There wasn’t any lesion and […]

Deep division: Maxillary second molar

We often see maxillary second molars, which, at first glance seem to have just 2 canals, one Buccal and one palatal. A closer examination of the Buccal canal will often reveal bifurcation into two canals, DB and MB. Here is one such case.

Triple rooted Mandibular Premolar

This was referred by a clinician who started the case thinking it was a regular premolar. Looking at the radiograph that the referral e-mailed me, I was expecting a Two-canalled premolar. The master-cone radiograph showed the lack of centricity of the two canals i had discovered. I went back in and found the third canal.