MB2: The floor “Map”, White line test and Red line Test

These are some old teaching slides from 2006 I found on the comp. Probably could be used even today I guess.

  1. The “Dentinal map” on the pulpal floor can be used as a guideline to locate canals. The pulpal floor has a grayish tinge compared to the adjacent dentin which is more whitish. Canals are usually present at the intersection of these two colour zones. These can be used to detect the presence of canals.

2. The white line test: I first heard this terminology from Cliff Ruddle. Often, Necrotic tissue and debris form a white line adjacent to the mb1 canal which can be used to trace the Mb2.

3. The Red-line test: I heard this terminology too from Cliff Ruddle. Vital tissue appears red adjacent to the mb1 and this red line can be used as a guide to trace the Mb2.

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