lateral lesion healing

This patient presented with a lesion in between the second pre-molar and first molar. The second pre-molar tested non-vital. In the caoh radiograph taken after the first session, You can see the calcium hydroxide going through a lateral canal into the lateral lesion. I however, couldn’t get sealer into the the lateral canal during the […]

Decompression of lower anteriors

This case seemed to be responding well to conventional treatment. There wasn’t any drainage, so I obturated. The patient kept getting pain in the labial surface. So, we decided to do de-compression. The tooth reponded well to decompression and we saw very good healing at 6-months post de-compression. I saw this patient again 2 years […]

Selective Re-treatment of Distal root

In the past, when we attempted Re-treatment, we used to re-treat all the canals. For the past 4-5 years, I’ve been doing mostly selective Re-treatment ie: treat only those roots or canals which need something to be done. Michael Trudeau calls it “Titrated Treatment”. Some of my friends call it “Image guided Treatment (IGT)”.This patient […]

Skinny shapes

The one thing that has changed over the past few years is that I have become comfortable with skinny shapes. Earlier, we used to strive to achieve those classic “Schilder shapes”. Off late, I’m okay in some cases to end with even a 2% taper. This case is an example

Selective Re-treatment: Instrument Retrieval by braiding

This patient had Endo and crown done a few months ago. While doing the endo, the previous clinician had informed him that she had fractured an instrument and that she couldn’t remove it because it had gone slightly beyond the apex. The mesial canals seemed well-filled. So, I Re-treated only the Distal. Fortunately, the distal […]

The curviest canal ever

The Mesio-buccal canal in this tooth was probably the most curved canal I ever treated. It went straight initially, then took a left turn, then a right, then a left again to exit. And to add to the Drama, it was before Christmas holidays and the palatal root ended up with sealer pushed apically in […]

Molar with Strange anatomy and tight canals.

This mandibular molar was previously accessed by an endodontist and then referred. There was a perforation mesially and the canals were located in strange positions. To add to that, the canals were very hard to negotiate and the “feel” was very different to conventional canals. The dentine felt harder than usual. I didn’t want to […]

Spot the Gutta

This was a bizarre case. Patient came from another state to Bangalore for a wedding. Came to the clinic with acute pain. She said that she had endo and crown done the previous week. She told me that the doctor who treated her used a microscope and also showed her pictures of three canals filled. […]