Calcified maxillary second molar: Step by step

Some cases are such that when you eventually finish, you wonder what the fuss was all about. I struggled to locate the canals in this case. Not sure why. Yes, the access was difficult, but the main reason I struggled was probably the prior access that was made. This made me lose orientation initially. I […]

Inter-appointment CBCT to locate a calcified canal

This case was calcified all the way to the apical one third. As we go deeper, the labio-palatal orientation becomes a problem and as we approach the apical part, the margin for error decreases. In this case, I took an inter-appointment CBCT to see the location of the canal. The video explains the whole process. […]

Selective Re-treatment /IGT/ Titrated Treatment

In the past, when we attempted Re-treatment, we used to re-treat all the canals. For the past 4-5 years, I’ve been doing mostly selective Re-treatment ie: treat only those roots or canals which need something to be done. Michael Trudeau calls it “Titrated Treatment”. Some of my friends call it “Image guided Treatment (IGT)”. This […]

Middle mesial canal

This patient had pain after endo and crown on a mandibular second molar. She went back to the practitioner who removed the crown and removed the old gutta percha. The tooth subsequently flared up and she landed in my office. I found a missed middle mesial. We put the tooth on long-term calcium hydroxide intra […]

About this Blog

This Blog is my attempt to organize some of the cases scattered around on my computer. It mostly has case reports. It also has some short videos, 40-minute lectures and some clincial articles I’ve written. I will be updating it as and when I come across interesting cases in my Practice. Searching for content: This […]

Oh No!

This patient mailed me saying that she had pain in the area where 2 teeth were root canal treated and crowned. She then sent me this radiograph. I told her to come and see me for a consultation. I didn’t hear from her for a month. After a month, i received another mail saying that […]

New clinic in Bangalore

We opened two new operatories in Bangalore. Both these operatories incorporate ergonomic principles described by Dr. Gary Carr and familiar to clinicians on TDO. In the larger operatory, I replicated most of the stuff I saw in the office of Carlos Portoles, Endodontist from Netherlands. The smaller operatory was based on the more classical TDO […]

Endo-Perio or Just Endo?

This patient came with a small swelling in relation to the first molar and carious premolar. The molar was non vital and had furcal bone loss. Most cases like these with furcal bone loss associated with a non-vital tooth usually heal with endo alone. In this particular case, I had noticed that the mandibular second […]