Video: How to place Fiber posts

I once took 3 days off to shoot some videos to see how they turned out. Not sure why I did it, but in hindsight, it was probably to test out this new camera and an expensive cordless microphone that I had just purchased :-). Some of these videos are from those days. This particular one gathered about 93000 views on Youtube at the time of writing this post. I made this video to show clinicians the step-by-step process of placing a post, but a lot of people who saw this video kept asking (some very angrily 🙂 ) “why did you place a post in this case?, This tooth doesn’t need a post” I don’t usually bother to get into debates online because it is usually a waste of time playing abusive tennis back and forth. For those who see this video here and have the same query: Please ignore the details of the case and focus on just the steps which are illustrated here. If that is clear, my job is done.

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