Apexogenesis + Partial Endo

This young patient first came to me with a pulpal exposure in a grossly decayed mandibular second molar. The root formation wasn’t completed and restorative prognosis too wasn’t great. The pulp in the chamber was very inflamed. So, I cleaned up the pulp in the chamber and left the pulp in the canals as it is. I filled the pulp chamber with MTA and closed the cavity with Glass Ionomer. I thought I’d recall and evaluate. The patient was supposed to come back after 3 months. Instead, he came back after 3 years with the Glass Ionomer restoration dislodged. The root formation looked complete in both roots. The tooth was pitch-black from the MTA. After cleaning up everything, I found that the mesial-canals were exposed, but the distal canal was blocked with a solid coronal barrier. I didn’t see any reason to drill through the dentine in the distal root. I decided to obturate only the mesials and left the distal alone. I advised extraction of the third molar and an Onlay. It would be interesting to see how this turns out.

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