About this Blog

This Blog is my attempt to organize some of the cases scattered around on my computer. It mostly has case reports. It also has some short videos, 40-minute lectures and some clincial articles I’ve written. I will be updating it as and when I come across interesting cases in my Practice.

Searching for content: This site has a “search” column only on the content pages and not on the “Home” page. So, if you’d like to search for a particular content, you will need to click on any of the posts on the Home page and when that post opens up, you will find the “search” column on the left.

Disclaimer: I have no commercial interests in putting up this site. I’m not an opinion leader for anyone, nor do I receive remuneration from any company for promoting their products. I haven’t watermarked any of the pictures on purpose. None of what I’ve presented here are my inventions. Its stuff that I’ve learned from clinicians who were willing to share. I’m happy to share it with others. If anyone wants to use any of these pictures for teaching, feel free to do so (it’d be nice if you mention where the pics are from. I wouldn’t want to be listening to a lecture and see my cases pop up without credit 🙂 )

If you found any content on this site useful, please let me know in the comments or just e-mail me (drsiju@gmail.com).
It would motivate me to add more content.

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