Oh No!

This patient mailed me saying that she had pain in the area where 2 teeth were root canal treated and crowned. She then sent me this radiograph.

I told her to come and see me for a consultation. I didn’t hear from her for a month. After a month, i received another mail saying that the dentist who did the earlier Root canals had offered to re-do both the root canals and she had gone ahead. She said that she still had discomfort in both teeth. She sent me these images.

I told her to drop in for a consultation with me. Two months later, i get another mail telling me that her dentist had placed new crowns in both the teeth, but she was still not comfortable. The dentist had then offered to call in another specialist to re-do the root canal in one of the teeth. He had started the Re-root canal procedure, but the pain was still not gone. Could I have a look? She finally landed in my clinic and this is what i saw. And hence the title of the post: Oh No!
(Btw, I referred her to a neurologist and her diagnosis was Myofascial pain.)

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