New clinic in Bangalore

We opened two new operatories in Bangalore. Both these operatories incorporate ergonomic principles described by Dr. Gary Carr and familiar to clinicians on TDO. In the larger operatory, I replicated most of the stuff I saw in the office of Carlos Portoles, Endodontist from Netherlands. The smaller operatory was based on the more classical TDO design which I’ve seen in several offices before. I’m very grateful to many clinicians who helped me understand ergonomics (it took a lot of time for me to figure it out – and I’m still figuring out some stuff). Apart from Dr. Carr’s teachings, I was influenced by the practices I visited (Peter endo, Ron Fransman+Roberto, Tom Mcclammy). Finally, big hat-tip to my friend CVN Rao who first introduced me to Ergonomics.

2 thoughts on “New clinic in Bangalore

  1. Siju – nice blog. Great looking offices, —- ps your IT guys need to look at how they spall Gary’s name — Carr not Carrr. Have a look his name is spel on your site in one spot as Carrr.
    cheers John C


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